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Talking about Mass Shootings Will Only Make it Worse

Posted by andersonhsstudent2 on December 18, 2012

Statistically speaking, after fifty of the last mass-shootings in US history, another occurs within the next two weeks (on average). There is a very small fraction of people who would do something similar to the Sandy Hook shooting, but when they sit down and watch the non-stop news coverage on the tragedy, they are encouraged, and think that they might be just like the shooter that killed 26 people, and that the solution to their problem may be to do the same exact thing. News coverage on the shooting should have last maybe three days after the event. But we can expect to be hearing all about the poor children who never got married or graduated for months, and occasionally years, to come.

The media sensationalizes the killer, and makes him an anti-hero; this notion is potentially attractive for individuals who may be at risk for grabbing a gun and shooting at a crowd. There is an average of roughly 80 deaths a day due to gun-shots in the U.S. Although that may sound like a large number, relative to the U.S. population of 320,000,000, the likelihood that you are in the bodycount is equivalent to being struck by lightning.

The U.S. is not a battleground that puts gradeschool children at risk of getting shot every day. The media tries to portray it that way, but the reality is that there is an extremely small fraction of people who would do such a thing, but it is much more likely that they will in correlation with how long we forcefeed a murderer’s face down the public’s throat.

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20th Century Commercialization of Christmas

Posted by andersonhsstudent on December 18, 2012

Shopping for Christmas presents for my family lately, I have noticed the overwhelming amount of people buying presents just to make a purchase, or trying to get the most expensive gifts only to gain recognition for their “thoughtfulness” and how much “love” they have for the receivers of the presents.  But has Christmas lost a lot of it’s thoughtfulness?  In giving a present nowadays, is it really still the thought that counts? 



The photo featured above displays the irrational thoughts consumers have when going into shopping, thinking that the price or quantity of the purchases is equivalent to the amount of love felt towards the gift receiver.   Read the rest of this entry »

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President Obama or Obama the Model?

Posted by stevesnobs on December 18, 2012


Over half the nation agrees that Obama has not done a good job at his job but have we failed to realize that this beautiful African-American man has a career in modeling? Peep these pics of the Pres with several celebrities.  Read the rest of this entry »

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The McRib: Is it really that good?

Posted by treebooger on December 18, 2012

McDonald’s is known all around the world as the top fast-food place. One of their signature foods is the McRib, which is loved by almost all who sink their teeth into it. SUre it may seem like a little taste of heaven, but the McRib is some risky business…

McDonald's McRib Back for Christmas (ABC News) Read the rest of this entry »

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Immortal Jellyfish!

Posted by biggiebiggiesmalls on December 17, 2012


Christian Sommer, a German marine-biology student may have unlocked a scientific miracle that will revolutionize biology. He discovered a jellyfish that seemingly undergoes a life cycle that is nontraditional as compared to all other known life forms; it doesn’t die!

Sommer was conducting research on hydrozoans, small invertebrates that resemble either a jellyfish or a soft coral. Today these mysterious life forms are known as immortal jellyfish because, plainly speaking, they refuse to die. When the hydrozoans were kept in petri dishes in order to observe their reproduction habits, it appeared as if they were aging in reverse. Curiously, they grew younger and younger until they reached the earliest stage of development, at which point its life cycle began anew. It goes without saying that this type of discovery, if accurate, would re-define the way we conceptualize life. Naturally, this discovery led to an uproar in the scientific community.

Sommer was baffled by this development but didn’t immediately grasp its significance. (It was nearly a decade before the word “immortal” was first used to describe the species.) But several biologists in Genoa, fascinated by Sommer’s finding, continued to study the species, and in 1996 they published a paper called “Reversing the Life Cycle.” The scientists described how the species — at any stage of its development — could transform itself back to a polyp, the organism’s earliest stage of life, “thus escaping death and achieving potential immortality.” This finding appeared to debunk the most fundamental law of the natural world — you are born, and then you die.

Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret to Immortality? by Nathaniel Rich

Continued research is still waiting to be extended before we’re able to entirely understand the life cycles of the mysterious hydrozoans. We now know that the rejuvenation of Turritopsis dohrnii and some other members of the genus is caused by environmental stress or physical assault and that during rejuvenation, it undergoes cellular trans differentiation  However, though some progress has been made, continued research will be imperative before we fully understand the implications of this awesome jelly!

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Do Computers Disrupt Sleep?

Posted by redfish001 on December 14, 2012

For awhile now, sleep experts have said that people should shut off their phones and computers before going to sleep because they cause anxiety that makes it difficult to drift off. Recently however, polysomnologists, or people who study sleep, have found that the light from the computer screen actually disrupts someone’s ability to sleep. Read the rest of this entry »

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Connecticut Elementary Shooting

Posted by oblama on December 14, 2012

screen-shot-2012-12-14-at-10-25-59-am   APTOPIX Connecticut S_McGu

Newtown, Connecticut has been rocked by killing of at least 28, 20 being elementary schoolchildren.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Does Vanity Sizing Encourage Obesity?

Posted by kitefest on December 14, 2012

 In the United States there is no standard of measurement in the clothing industry. This means, as you might have encountered, you could wear a size 4 in one store, but an 8 in another. The reason for this is that more expensive designer brands can get away with labeling their clothing smaller to cater to their customers, whereas more inexpensive casual brands have to inflate their sizes to fit their customers. This has caused some stores to make up new sizes like 00 and subzero numbers to keep up with the size 2 of a designer brand.

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Suggested College Degrees

Posted by stinsonfan on December 14, 2012

Vicki Lynn, Senior Vice President of Universum, a global talent recruiting company that works with Fortune 500 companies, comments on 5 degrees that she says is ill-advised. According to Lynn, degrees in architecture, philosophy or religious studies, anthropology or archeology, area ethnic or civilization studies, and information studies. Instead of these degrees Lynn suggest these alternatives:

1. Business Administration

2. Elementary Education

3. Criminal Justice

4. Psychology

5. Computer Science

Neither Lynn, nor I are saying that if nobody should get the degrees that I mentioned earlier, because if you’re passionate about a specific area or occupation than you should pursue that and not let anything stop you from doing so. I’m lucky since the two of my possible majors are in the list of suggested degrees, but if I knew I wanted to be an architect I wouldn’t hesitate to get a degree in architecture.

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A Weighty Issue

Posted by rosecb on December 14, 2012

Chris Christie, Republican governor of New Jersey, was recently interviewed by Barbara Walters. During this interview, she asked a shocking question – she asked him if he thought he was too fat to run. Christie stalled and stuttered at the statement before answering that it was ridiculous. However, this incident begs the question – just how much are we willing to allow weight to impact our views of others?Image


Read the rest of this entry »

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